Guerrilla publishing techniques for badass authors

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How to get a shitload of book reviews with contests

Getting reviews is hard. You have to ask for them. But asking strangers is hard, so you need to build relationships first. Then you need to make it easy, by having lots of reviews before you ask for them (the higher up on the chain you go, the more you need to prove your worth first). If […]

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The Hunger Games Guide to Book Marketing

hunger games book marketing

It’s a jungle out there, and everybody else is trying to kill you. Showing up and putting your book out into the world isn’t enough. You’ve got to weaponize, strategize and kill off the competition. Here are some unconventional book marketing tips that will help you win. Choose the right tools You’re sprinting into a […]

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Book Marketing in 9 Easy Steps

book marketing steps

People talk about book marketing like there are a million different things to do. Or like it’s some unsolvable mystery. Nobody “gets” why some books take off and others fail. The reason it seems confusing is that most people are marketing books that aren’t really very interesting. If you’re marketing memoir or literary fiction, it […]

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How to use a blog to sell 1000 books a month

book publishing

You’re publishing a book, and you need to get some buzz before launch. Later we’ll talk more about content marketing, media hacking, and traffic stealing. But before we get into all that, we need a blog. Without a blog, you don’t control your own traffic. It’s like going fishing with no net. Even if you catch […]

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